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michael dupree
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nothing much about me to note....but i love art,but theses bad times out there in the world make me have a negative view of life ,but must move on....
for now ill get what i can here...
I aint changing atm..
or some sort of spiritual realiziation...

its just...i been a broken record agianst my grandparents.
and my other family members this year

and this year has been to me the worst one withmy family relationships...
Idk what to do,when sofar i seem to be in a leash with the conservator guardianship im with my grandmother on.

look...they arent bad....there...abit off ....
I know i seem to show some bias and hypocritical defense to what i dealt with ...wether common,or a shock to me.
I still have feel they are to where,i cant handle them.

I try to find something to do more use for,since i cant handle what i am in now
.Financhal limitation in highest....and things i want to save up and get on my own without needing money of theirs,or also to give some financial aid whenever my money is enough and i bought enough

.unable to try to handle a bill myself,due to grandparents doing so and my appointments,and can tell the doc of my behavior,

.Come at times only when my houses a mess
...dose not care for my ambitions,or much

...think im a asshole,and idk nothing,or am someone whos a sinner
(btw dont bring up any religious topic here...)
.Nearly threaten and almost attempted to a  fight or to beat the hell out of me when i have myself somewhere...

I mean its obvious they are out of it....
but ...dose that make em horrible...
no of course not,cuz they feed and handle things for me and hell
i feel bad alot when they do...but they due without alot so We can have somehtin on our Birthdays,or christmas :(

Don;t ya think id not  use my own money to get not only better stuff to make even a card ....but buy them something they may  like??
I would do so...I care for them and i think of em at times :)

though...these issues they been giving me even ones i havent mentioned,need to quit...heres me personal deal
.All me acsess to my id,SSN,misc i need when feder law for debit card i have from paypal and when i make any bit of money ill buy something in the store for either them or me...if i can find something thell like and i afford it.

.or,let me go off on my own,cuz....i need to be handling my own bills,my own appointments one day or another
despite my former deal...its sad i am somewhat capable,yet forced somewhat in some way idk how or why, have 2 eldery folk,one sickly and suck as conservator,and other  a mean  ol sonvabitch
a guardian,with a old malteese,and 12 yrd kid brother who is a snitch,lazy,and is also careless,and a asshole

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Sydney-Smith Featured By Owner 13 hours ago  Professional Traditional Artist
It will come with practice! I definitely didn't get patient overnight. And I definitely prefer traditional, since I think it's easier to be patient with haha. 
darkzeroprojects Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sometime i will.Either way nice pencil work...wish i was that patient at making my penciled art by hand and digitaly  close to this :\...oh well In due due time..
darkzeroprojects Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
welcome :)
WillowXD Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the :+fav:
Sydney-Smith Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you so much for the :+fav: on this piece!
Ethereal 1:4-5 by Sydney-Smith
I hope you take a second to check out the rest of my gallery too. :)
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